Change Email Settings for New Mail Service

You need the following settings in your email client, if you are attempting to CHANGE your POP3 settings for the new email service.

If you are using IMAP, we recommend that you call us and work with us on making the necessary changes.

1. Go to your settings for your email account. In Outlook, this is accomplished by finding “Account Settings” or “Accounts” in either your File or Tools menu. In other email clients, such as Thunderbird, this can also be in your “Preferences” or “Options”. In any case, you are looking for your already-configured email accounts. When you find it, you will likely see your email address and/or “gipop.kdsi.net”. Edit or double-click on this account.

2. Change the following:

Incoming Mail Server: gipop.kdsi.net → mail.kdsi.net

Outgoing Mail Server: gismtp.kdsi.net → mail.kdsi.net

Your username may or may not be using your full email address (it may just be using the first part of your address, without the “@kdsi.net”), be sure and change this to your full email address.

3. If you are using Outlook, you will need to click on “More Settings” to follow along with the rest of this. If you are using Outlook Express, you are already where you need to be. If you are using Thunderbird or other email clients, just find the options listed here in your configuration, and change them as needed:

a. Turn on authentication to your Outgoing Mail Server. In all versions of Outlook, you’ll find a checkbox for “My Outgoing Server requires authentication”, just check this box. By default it will use the same settings as your incoming server, which is fine.

b. Go to the “Advanced” tab, and change the following:

Incoming server port : 110 → 995

Use SSL (there is usually a checkbox for this)

Outgoing server port : 25 → 587

Use STARTTLS or TLS (sometimes there is a drop-down for this). If you have no TLS option, do not change this at all.

After this, you should be all done. A good test is to send an email to someone who you know can respond back quickly, and to have them reply to it. If your incoming settings are correct, you will likely see email start flowing into your inbox. If your outgoing settings are correct, you won’t get any errors when you try and send email. If either of these don’t work correctly, double-check the above settings, and if you still aren’t having any luck, please call our Help Desk at 888-382-5670. In addition, please give them feedback regarding these instructions, as we will modify them over time to be more helpful.

Can’t get a hold of us?  A last resort method of getting your email is to click on “Webmail” at the top right, next to our phone number, and enter in your “@kdsi.net” email address and password.  This will give you access to your current email, and give you a way to work with it until we are able to work with you on your email client.